Market Data & data analysis

Market Data

I analyze economic and real estate data constantly and have done for a long time. I am finding there is now a greater interest today than ever before in Market Data and analysis, by both sellers and buyers.

The best market data for our local Real Estate Market is from the Multiple Listing Service which has data going back to 1996 approximately.

I have always tracked the economic and real estate market data for the benefit of my clients.
I monitor, track and analyze

  • Global news resources
  • National Statistics and data
  • Tri-State statistics and data
  • Connecticut Statistics and data
  • Town statistics and data
  • Price range statistics.
I have been tracking the real estate market in five towns in $500,000 dollar increments for 15 years.

Data Analysis

The data has limited use in evaluating a specific market sector or even a specific home (it is too broad) unless it is broken down and analyzed relative to other homes with similar but specific parameters.  There are numerous criteria such as town, neighborhood, street, house style, size, age etc. that can be used as a basis to compare and better understand a market sector and thus the market value of an individual home.

Data analysis can be done in many ways, if you are interested in market data and detailed market analysis, contact me and we can discuss what information, and in what format the information would be most helpful to you.
I use Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets a lot and can provide you with data in an Excel spreadsheet, which can be helpful to some sellers and buyers.

Michael Dinshaw
Michael Dinshaw
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